At TravelBala, we help hoteliers utilize social network of already existing guest in order to encourage potential customers.




What We Do

Travel doesn’t need to be complicated.

TravelBala Hotel Marketing Solution helps us to understand the travel behavior of the existing guests, and to target more potential customers who have the similar travel behavior as the existing guests have.

thumb Hotelier
Senior Marketing Director

Being working at the helm of TravelBala, I have the knack to easily dig out travel information through Google or TripAdvisor, and then drop the POI into the calendar to schedule my itinerary. Most importantly, TravelBala Organizer can lay out my itinerary with a printable travel book.


Our Solutions

  • Hotel Marketing Solution
  • Hotel Concierge Solution

Our Products

  • Guest Portal
  • Insight
  • eMarketing
  • Social Network WiFi

Our Services

  • Hotel Digital Marketing Consulting
  • TravelBala Hospitality Convention